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Download the 2019 Programme

Download the 2019 agenda to explore the new topics that will be discussed at next year's event.The event provides a platform to help the AM user exploit the performance gains and economic returns that AM brings to aerospace and space, landscaping key topics such as: Materials & Process Qua ...

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Additive Manufacturing - Space is not the final frontier

In this interview Tim Haidar from Defence IQ catches up with Alan Cox R&D Manager, AirbusAdditive manufacturing has been in place in one form or another for the past three decades and is increasingly becoming a part of the literal fabric of many of the world's core industries. In this inte ...

Life Cycle Cooperation between EADS IW and EOS - Whitepaper

Life cycle considerations are becoming increasingly important due to the need to consider sustainability – economy, quality and environment – in industry. But where a machine supplier or a material provider would traditionally conduct this type of analysis on their own, we wanted to develop a new ...

Overview of the Additive Manufacturing Market

The use of Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace & Space industry is still young but is already hailed as the Third Industrial Revolution. Companies are only just learning to achieve economic returns, through the flexibility and the design benefits it provides. In this free exclusive infographi ...

Making space affordable: The unmissable opportunity of made-in-space parts

Additive Manufacturing could be the key factor in conducting affordable and sustainable missions, reducing costs and improving the crew's safety by manufacturing much-needed broken parts without necessitating a resupply mission. How far are we from conducting deep-space exploration missions?< ...

Large-scale additive manufacturing: Fiction or reality?

Is large-scale integration of Additive Manufacturing ever possible in the Aerospace & Space sector? It could hold the key for companies to manufacture on an industrial level at a cheaper cost and with more flexibility but it has yet to become the primary technology for manufacturing purposes. 

EOS- Case Studies

EOS Customer Case Study Aerospace - Airbus

How to overcome the challenge of Cost-effective production of optimized retaining brackets for the connection of components in telecommunication satellites?- Faster production of thermally highly stressed components by using Additive Manufacturing technology for metal parts offered by EOS.

EOS Customer Reference – Aerospace - ArianeGroup

How to overcome the challenge of Production of an injection head for rocket engines with as few components as possible and lower unit costs?Understand by - Ariane 6 propulsion module: Simplified by additive manufacturing.

EOS Customer Case study Aerospace RUAG-citim

How to overcome the challenge To develop an extremely lightweight and robust antenna bracket for Sentinel satellites?

Flow measurement probes from Vectoflow—highly robust thanks to additive manufacturing and EOS - Case Study

How to produce robust probes for measuring speed and temperature in turbo engines? Experts say by the use of Additive manufacture of extremely robust and at the same time thin probes featuring a long service life and precise measurements can help solve this problem. The given case study helps understand...

EOS Customer Case Study - Aerospace - MTU Aero engines

An Intelligent Strategy for Achieving Excellence: MTU Relies on Additive Manufacturing for its Series Component Production.

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Advanced Applications of 3D Printing: From Prototypes and Parts

3D printing – the additive fabrication of objects by depositing and patterning successive layers of material – has been touted as an enabling platform for applications ranging from lighter, more efficient aircraft and advanced prosthetics to homemade firearms and lab-grown organs. Anthony Vicari, Research Associate at Lux Research, provides this...

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Military Simulators & Trainers

Last year Robert Ghobrial, LM Technical Fellow – Production Operations Rotary & Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin gave a presentation on the applications of additive manufacturing in military simulators & trainers.